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artWhen we approach a landscape design project in Philadelphia or Montgomery County, PA, we consider all of the 5 basic elements, which include color, line, form, texture and scale. Using these elements, our landscape designers create a balance between living and natural environments. The goal is to create an outdoor space in which the greatest amount of enjoyment can be derived.

Color provides the emotion and underlying mood or character of the landscape. Line creates the movement or flow and directs the eye to various elements in the landscape. Form defines the shape and structure whereby texture refers to the surface quality of an object. Scale refers to the size of an object relative to its surroundings.

Using these elements, our Philadelphia landscaping designer will seek to accomplish the 7 main principles of landscape design. These include unity, balance, proportion, focalization or emphasis, sequence or transition, rhythm, and repetition.

Unity refers to the designing of a unified theme creating harmony and consistency. This means planning the use of the right materials, plants, and accessories that compliment the chosen theme. Balance seeks to create a sense of visual attraction giving the landscape equilibrium using symmetry and asymmetry. Proportion is the size relationship between the parts of a landscape. Focalization or Emphasis is the featured element that all other elements seek to enhance. Simply put a focal point. Sequence or Transition progressively changes patterns in the elements to assist in smooth visual movement across the landscape. Rhythm creates a sense of natural flow using repetition and natural elements. This could be a grouping of plants and/or other elements carefully arranged considering both patterns of color and form. Repetition relates directly to unity. Use of repeated elements or objects is an art form that must be skillfully planned in order to achieve a perfect visual blend.

At Circle Landscape Services, we bring a wealth of talent and experience to each project as well as a unique and creative vision that is essential to meeting or exceeding the project expectations. Our careful planning combined with the special attention given to each project and landscape, ensures the end result will be meet with beauty, enjoyment and an overall increase in the aesthetic and value of your property. Call 215-742-7318 today to schedule a FREE property evaluation!


stonePhiladelphia Paver Landscaping Pavers are pre-cut stone blocks similar to clay bricks that are used to create smooth hard surfaces such as patios, steps, pathways, driveways and even retaining walls. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and textures making them one of the most versatile paving materials available today! Pavers have non-slip surfaces, are comfortable to walk on and can be designed in a variety of attractive patterns. They are durable, easy to repair and require minimal maintenance.

Ponds and Water Features provide unmatched beauty and enjoyment to natural landscapes often making them the centerpiece of any landscape design project. They can transform an outdoor living space and turn it into a beautiful paradise where people can relax and experience immense pleasure!

They will often attract both birds and butterflies adding to the serenity of this natural landscape feature. Whether it’s a decorative fountain or complete eco-system including koi pond and waterfall, Circle Landscape Services has the skill and vision to create the perfect water feature or habitat for your landscape!

At Circle Landscape Services, whether it’s a paving project or a water feature, we can creature and customize the project to meet your lifestyle and your budget! Call 215-742-7318 today!

Irrigation Systems are generally in the ground systems used to supply water to both commercial and residential landscapes. The primary goal is to maintain the landscape and reduce the cost and maintenance while simultaneously increasing the survival rates of grass and plants. Irrigation systems are most often used at corporate centers, office building, athletic fields, parks and estates. At Circle Landscape Services, we offer irrigation system consulting and installation services to home and business owners alike. Call 215-742-7318 today